About Us


Kinzaa is a site for building infographic resumes, networking with colleagues, and helping employers generate outreach for new talent. Kinzaa creates new opportunities for job seekers. We partner with... no one. Our innovative design and software applications bring new dynamics to the HR and job search fields.

Many job seekers are frustrated by the growing reliance on the "gig" economy at the expense of full-time opportunities that offer security and benefits. Kinzaa is keenly aware of this dynamic and makes a special effort to help job-seekers find more secure opportunities.

Our Goal  is to help you develop your resume to accurately reflect your talents, strengths and experience in a format that takes minutes to create and seconds to review. We also help you "position" yourself to stand out from competitors.

The Problem is that creating and assessing resumes is no great joy for the job-seeker to write, nor for employers to read and evaluate. We spoke with dozens of job-seekers and employers. Not one job-seeker said they liked to write a resume. All the employers said reading text based resumes is a slow, inaccurate and tedious process. An employer has to sort through dozens or hundreds of resumes to select the few they want to contact. They need to be able to make a judgment in less than five minutes about whether this person is worth more time.

The Solution: Our solution is to bring graphic simplicity to the process, while providing tools to facilitate on both ends. This better conveys specific details on skills, experience, work environment, personality and objectives, while still being easy to review.

Infographics provides the format and platform that enables you to stand out from the crowd. Employers get the specific information they require at a single glance, so they can quickly make an accurate assessment of your skills and ability to meet THEIR need. Your skills are clearly illustrated so that employers see you in the brightest possible perspective.

Our Mission   is to help people get the job they want in a situation where they can thrive. Our goal is to facilitate and maximize talent for optimal actualization of the individual, and the organization in which they work. We know each person has a unique talent that they want to apply to earning a good living. Our mission is to build a system that unlocks that talent. We do that by offering quick assessment tools to help an individual present their skills, experience, personality and objectives in an easy to review infographic format. Employers create their ideal profiles.

At Kinzaa we are changing the way the world views the job search process. We utilize infographics to dramatically alter the connection between job-seekers and employers. We want to empower every job-seeker with the most powerful tools available to give them a new advantage.

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