Alissa Lentz

Project Management Intern


Photoshop: Resizing & Editing

Sapplets: Specs & Functionality

CSS: Read & Tweak

Analytics: Produce Reports & Insights


Support Project Management team to enhance client service, increase process efficiencies and inter-departmental communication.


Weekly PM Newsletter

Research & Report Industry News

November 2011 - January 2012

- Reviewed industry news daily, identified articles relevant to Buddy Media/PM team, summarized in a weekly tech news digest -Searched for and reported positive/negative client mentions

Review Industry News
Identify Relevant Articles
Write News Digest

Client Onboarding Research

November 2011 - January 2012

- Researched US/Global confectionary industries to identify the market trends that Wrigley's faces and how they will affect the Buddy Media/Wrigley's relationship - Researched Wrigley's prior campaigns to identify where Buddy Media brings the most value - Suggested up-sell opportunities, provided strategic recommendations - Organized information to help AM/PM prepare for the client kickoff meeting

Research Industry/Wrigley
Identify Buddy Media
Suggest Up-sell Opps
Prepared Client-Facing Documents

October 2011 - January 2012

- Perceived Buddy Media's project needs from strategy, IA/Design and PM notes - Anticipated client concerns/questions - Identified and incorporated key Sapplet specs/functionality features - Produced easy-to-read, tailored documents to address both Buddy Media and client needs - Simplified information aggregation for +Global & category tabs

Interpret BM & Client Needs
Identify Key Specs/Features
Produce Tailored Documents
Basecamp, Internal Tracking Docs

Increasing Department Process Efficiencies

October 2011 - January 2012

- Monitored all active projects, alerted PMs if they were approaching a milestone with late notes to enhance operating efficiency of other creative services teams, evaluated upcoming days schedule & reported if bandwidth was available - Reviewed archived projects, extracted and reported ones with irregular/high Sapplet numbers - Communicated PM office needs to facilities, ensured general facilities needs ran smoothly day-to-day

Monitor Projects
Communicate/Fix Discrepancies
Extract Information
Resizing, CSS tweaks, Sapplet specs, Permissioning

Provide ‘Hands-On’ Platform Technical Support

September 2011 - January 2012

- Resized, cropped, split, floated, edited, pixel-perfected & uploaded 1,000+ images - Identified and fixed sapplet functionality problems through minor CSS tweaks - Processed permisioning requests for Unilever - Uploaded/edited content on category rollouts, working with managed/unmanaged sections

Resizing/CSS Tweaks
Content Uploading
Reviewing/Fixing Functionality
Facilitating Inter-Departmental Communication

September 2011 - January 2012

- Considered AM needs, anticipated future client questions/concerns, aggregated project info/sapplet specs to facilitate transfer of project from the PM to the AM, prepared wrap sheets - Dissected strategy and interpreted client needs to compose IA/Design/Dev/QA direction - Created spreadsheet to collect PM sapplet/client knowledge to aid BMU in the development of Tool Tips - Aggregated de-centralized information to create an easy-to-read master 2012 campaign schedule to aid marketing team - Searched PM project archives to collect links for projects launched in 2011 to aid Dev team

Catalogued Client/Process Info
Facilitated Knowledge Sharing
Wrote Direction
212 NYC, Stanford Engineering, Codecademy

Industry Activities/Continuing Education

September 2011 - January 2012

- Young Professional & University Outreach Director at 212 NYC, a digital advertising industry organization - Taught myself JavaScript basics on Codecademy - Expanding industry knowledge through Stanford's Engineering Everywhere program - Stay informed of upcoming trends/innovations through continuously attending industry conventions, seminars and events

Active in NYC Digital Media Industry
Stay Informed of Industry Trends
Expanding Engineering Education
Launch Email, Internal Tracking Documents

Write Launch Email & Update Live Page Tracking

January 2011 - January 2012

- Review individual project launch emails, search for & fill in any missing information, write weekly launch email, suggest tabs to be featured - Maintain master lists of PM projects and client pages by industry with up-to-date tab launch data

Review Individual Launch Emails
Compile Data, Write Weekly Launch Roundup
Maintain Accurate List of Live Pages

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