AndrewKH Lam


Perth, 6009, Australia



Problem Solving

Interpersonal Communication

Time Management


Personable and astute student with proven time-management and collaborative skills developed through internship and extracurricular activities. Highly communicative individual with strong interpersonal skills and an ability to adapt to working in team environments. Demonstrated confidence working with diverse cultures and situations in which cultural awareness and appreciation are integral.


University of WesternAustralia

Communication; Marketing , Communication; Marketing



Sales Assistant

Zara , Perth, Western Australia

May 2015 - January 2015

Rules and guidelines are what I realised helping to keep everyone up to standard in Zara, and I understood the importance of having a 'mechanism' in a workplace. While the Entrepreneur Study I took emphasized communication channels within a company, I do realised that Zara lacks a 'bottom up' channel, in which frontline workers can report the difficulties they encountered from any 'top-down' decisions. I believe the different experiences I have got from working in Cheer and Zara reflect the actual working culture between Asia and Western World. That reminds me of the complexity of work place, which is fundamentally a team made up of different people. It also strengthens my cultural awareness in different situations which I regard as one of my strongest strengths.

Customer Service
Team Work
ex: PHP
Deputy Director of Social

University of Western Australia Student Guild, International Students Service (ISS) , Perth, Western Australia

January 2015 - June 2015

ISS is a part of UWA Student Guild focusing on international students where I organised events including a trip and a food festival. I have a glimpse of the varied events and issues that might happen over the procedure, such as bad weather, restraints from new regulations and conflicts among departments or coordinators. With hardwork and dedication, I have learnt not to give up no matter how hard is the situation and of course, how to avoid or prevent the same problem from happening again.

Marketing Internship

Cheer Advertising & Marketing Co., Ltd. , Hong Kong

December 2013 - January 2014

Working as a marketing internship in this middle-to-small scale marketing company, Cheer, gave me a taste of practical marketing work in actual business environment. Customer service and communication are what I realised to be two of your winning cards. I also learnt to overcome limitation of budgets and resources with creativity and flexibility; which I think is of paramount importance.

Team Work
Marketing Campaign Design
Customer Service and Communication

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