Axel Tirado

Art Director



IFAC, Miami FL

Computer Animation , Computer Animation

August 2000 - August 2000

IFAC, Miami FL

Graphic Design , Graphic Design

August 1998 - August 1998

Colegio San Antonio

May 1996 - May 1996


Art Director

nFinanSe Inc. , Tampa, FL

November 2005 - January 2012

Currently in charge of any and all corporate identity items such as logos, posters, packaging and card design, advertising materials, sales materials such as brochures and booth graphic design. Responsible for the look and feel (front end) of all web content of corporate, sales and retail including customer’s account system. Handled all production aspects of print production. Also handled filming and editing for in-house educational videos, and photo retouching.

Art Direction/Design
Art Director

Blackstone Calling Cards , Miami, FL

January 2001 - October 2005

Managed art/marketing department consisting a team of graphic and web designers. Managed relationship with printers and production/approval of materials. Responsible for all types of materials representing the company’s presence such as logos, business cards, UI design, magazine design, POP for retail environments, booth design, video production and editing, illustrations, brochures and sales materials, photo retouching, etc.

Department Management
Art Director/Design
Web Design
Graphic Designer

Blackstone Calling Cards , Miami, FL

May 2000 - January 2001

Worked with VP of Marketing and developed materials for retail environments such as posters, card design, brochures, banners, UI design, magazine design and more. Worked on video production and editing, and photo retouching. Established relation ship with print and paper vendors.

Print Design
Web UI Design
Team Supervisor
Graphic Designer

Creative Evolution , Miami Beach, FL

October 1997 - May 2000

Worked on design of composites for modeling agencies, brochures, logo design, banner design, advertising design and photography. Extensive work in photo retouching. Work of brochures for local small business and large size modeling agencies. Experience with printing with large format printers and video editing.

Photo Retouching
Ad Design

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