What are my skills?

As we’ve mentioned in our FAQ, research has shown that for a perfect job match, the following four items matter:

a. Skills
b. Experience
c. Personality
d. Objectives

We have built Kinzaa around these four factors. I’m going to write about these four items in more detail, starting with skills first.

If you want to get a job, it goes without saying that you need to have the skills to perform. Your potential employer is going to look for recruits or job-seekers with certain skills. You, the job-seeker need to highlight those skills.

Kinzaa has been designed to allow recruits to find their perfect job. When you fill out the skills section of your profile, think very carefully about what you are good at.  If you are a new grad, don’t fret; you still have skills. Think about the skills you gained in class. If you took courses in literature, perhaps critical thinking is your forte. Analysis, writing. These are great skills to have.

If you were a computer science student, then your skills might be in the various computer languages such as C++, Python, etc. Don’t forget about the skills you learned while you doing summer jobs or internships as well. These are very important and employers pay a lot of attention to these. What were you doing the summer of your junior year? What did you learn? If you worked at the local mall, then how about customer service?

Skills are the most important thing a potential employer is looking for, which is why it is highlighted on your Kinzaa infographic resumé. Please take the utmost care in filling these out.

Good luck!

Questions or comments? Please let us know.

EDIT: Found another great article here on transferable skills. Please consider this before creating your infographic profile on Kinzaa.

Why we are data driven

Recently, Erica Swallow wrote a great article about some simple tools to create Infographic resumés. We were very happy that she mentioned Kinzaa as well. We like Erica for two reasons:

1. She “gets it” about infographic resumés. Most of us don’t ride horse-drawn buggies any more. Why then do we continue writing (or trying to write) text resumés?

2. Erica was one of the first people to create her profile on Kinzaa (even though we are in beta) and graciously gave us her feedback. Go Erica!

There are quite a few infographic resumé Websites springing up these days. There is a reason why. Unemployment is sky-high, and job-seekers want and need ways to stand out in the crowd. A lot of these Websites offer different themes, customizations and so on. Its a lot of fun to try these out.

We’ve taken a different approach. We’ve been thinking about this problem for years, and in fact count a PhD (with a Human Resources specialization) amongst one of our advisers.

Let’s explain our approach with an example. If you looked at my text resumé or my online profile, you’d see that I had years of experience in Linux, networking, systems programming and so on. You might think I’d be a perfect candidate to go work for any large technology multinational. In fact nothing could be further from the truth .

You see, my plain old profile, whether its text-based or infographic, doesn’t indicate that I prefer working in small teams at smaller companies. It doesn’t indicate that I like working with interesting new products and that I like a certain amount of risk and challenge.

This is why Kinzaa has taken a data-driven approach.  Yes we want job-seekers to be able to highlight their skills in an easy manner. But we also want employers to get a complete idea of the job-seeker in one glance.

Infographics really is just a tool for us to get there.