What’s New?

I wanted to update everyone on our recent changes.

We’ve been continually working on making our site easier to use, and more mobile friendly. We’ve tested against most popular mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc), however if yours doesn’t work please let us know!

Even though we’re based in Silicon Valley California, we get visitors from all over the world. In particular we decided to support Spanish because our members asked us to. If you’d like to see kinzaa.com in your language, please let us know.

We realized over time that employers wanted a place on the Internet as well. Now, if you’re an employer or a business, you can create a Kinzaa profile for your business. If you are hiring, you can create job postings and share them over social media just like you would a resumé.

Please note that resumés will always be free! Employer profiles will also be free. Job postings will cost an introductory fee of 25 USD.