Elevator Pitch

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The classic definition of an elevator pitch (or an elevator speech) is to describe yourself, your product or service to someone within the span of an elevator ride. This means your elevator pitch needs to be summarized to someone within thirty seconds or a minute. For our friends from Commonwealth nations, an elevator is the same as a lift.

In your Kinzaa profile, the “Description” field at the top right of your “Edit Profile” page is provided for your elevator pitch. We have restricted this to 3000 characters. All the hiring managers we’ve talked to have said they want to see short and direct pitches, so our recommendation is to keep it short.

Here are some examples of elevator pitches that can go into your “Description” field. All are from existing members of Kinzaa:

This is a wonderful one from a teacher:
Helping develop lifelong learners and passionate readers.

From a technical marketing engineer:
I work at the intersection of business and technology, bringing innovative products to market.

Here is a longer one which I like as well:
I am a seasoned sales and marketing professional with management experience. My background has been molded through years of proven success while in the employ of some of the largest and most influential organizations. I also possess a business mentality and prowess which is a product of the Bachelor’s in Business degree that I have earned as well as from my roles in management and sales. My current objective is to utilize my experience and background for a company that offers opportunities for growth by achieving the company’s business goals and expectations.

The key here is to get someone reading your description interested enough to move on to read the rest of your profile. You don’t want to sound desperate. You definitely don’t want to put someone reading your description to sleep by having it be super-long.

Keep it positive, and keep it short.

Good luck!