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Folks, some recent changes to our site that I wanted to let everyone know.

We reluctantly closed comments to our blog posts. While we enjoy hearing from our members, the amount of spam was simply overwhelming. Please remember you can click on the “Contact Us” link to drop a quick email. We want to hear from you!

Facebook has made some changes to their login procedure. While we change our code to comply, logins and registration via Facebook will be temporarily disabled. If you already have a profile that you created using your Facebook account, it will still be available through your personal URL (e.g. I expect Facebook logins to be enabled by mid-March 2013.

Some visitors to have been asking us when we’ll be getting out of beta. Others have been asking us what beta means.

Beta is a term in the software development life cycle. It means the software is feature complete but still needs to undergo usability testing, or bug testing.

Here is what we’ve done as of October 1st 2011:

1. Moved our servers to a real data center.

2. Signed up with a content delivery network, so that large files are served out of the cloud. This means if you are visiting from New York City, large files will be sent to your browser from a data center on the east coast instead of from California. Its pretty cool stuff!

3. Fixed a WHOLE bunch of bugs!

Here are some bugs we have fixed recently or will be fixing soon:

a. Support for non-English characters was added on October 26th. If you notice something out of the ordinary, please let us know ASAP.

b.  Support for non-US zip and postal codes has been added.

c. Made errors easier and friendlier to catch.

d. Making the PDF printout better. Yes, we’re listening to you, our customers!

Meanwhile, please let us know if something doesn’t work the way it should.

 Thank you.