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Over the course of his career Charles Edward Roller has worked in a broad range of professions. Early on, he directed inventory control for a Teledyne Microelectronics facility in Culver City, California, that manufactured components for NASA space shuttles. He ensured that all parts needed on the assembly line were ordered on time and remained stocked at appropriate levels. Subsequently, he served with the UCLA Center for Health Sciences as an engineer. Along with maintaining medical equipment at UCLA Medical Center, Charles Edward Roller fabricated specialized implements for the hospital’s surgeons. He also met celebrity patients, such as Muhammad Ali and John Wayne, while repairing devices in their hospital rooms. With his next professional transition, Charles Roller joined Rebar Engineering as a union ironworker apprentice. He performed the installation of rebar rods for the strengthening of large concrete structures and attained full journeyman designation in an unprecedented period of only one year. Currently, Mr. Roller works as a designer of large-scale printed objects. Using Quark Pro Express, he designs items that are produced on paper delivered directly by railroad and fed through industrial-size printing machines. Mr. Roller studied accounting at Santa Monica College. In his free time, he enjoys collecting rare vinyl records, skiing, running, and playing piano. He also restores older automobiles, including a 1999 Ford Lighting modified with a 700 horsepower engine and turbocharger. Among his travels outside the US, he spent one year living in Australia.


Santa Monica College

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Bio Med Engineer


December 1976 - June 1980

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