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Cheerful, energized and friendly Barista offering hands-on experience in crafting coffees or teas, serving and customer care seeking work within the realm of coffee! I am a Barista, it is a way of life. It can also be somewhat of a juggling act in which I bring the grace of a ballerina and the skill-set of a renaissance man. "Coffee is a language of itself" Jackie Chan


Fort Lewis College

Sociology and Human Services , Sociology and Human Services

May 2010 - May 2010


May 2006 - May 2006


Trunk Line Builder

Perfect Pour Draught Beer Specailists; 3021 W. 4th Ave. Durango, Colorado , Owner: Dirk Lang 970.759.0449

January 2012 - December 2014

The Perfect Pour is a locally owned and operated small business which installs and maintains beer and wine dispensing systems throughout southwestern Colorado. "Trunk line" is the technical term for these systems. The owner of this company knew my love of all things tubing and of my custom hoop/firehoop building skills and put me to work as his soul trunk line builder-the only trunk line builder in the West! From the privacy of my own work space, I constructed (from scratch) install-ready custom glycol chilled lines for commerical operations. I used self-motivation, creativity, flexibility, optimism paired with my strong work hands to construct lines up to 120ft long!


The Summit; 600 Main Ave. Durango, Colorado , Owner: Scotti Sindelar 970.903.9941

May 2010 - December 2013

The Summit is a local bar and small music venue and one of my favorite places on Earth. I learned basic mixology and so much more here. Understanding how to serve the "judgement impaired" can be tricky business, the reality is alcohol can inspire people to do things they wont sober and it can often be dangerous! Beyond creating a hospitable and fun environment for my patrons, I also took the responsibility for their safety; asked obnoxious characters to leave, called for sober rides and exercised my own self-control in a sometimes provoking environment! I should probably mention I also worked on my accountability by double and triple-checking my work because often patrons forget the have closed tabs or loose credit cards and I have be confident that I returned a card if questioned!

Barista/Evening Supervisor

Durango Coffee Company; 730 Main Ave Durango, Colorado , Owner: Tim Wheeler 970.259.2059

April 2010 - December 2014

DCC is a wonder locally owned coffee shop and roaster. I knew DCC so well my job was like a choreographed dance behind the counter, my regulars and I knew each other by name and drink! As the Evening Supervisor I made sure business ran smoothly; oversaw shift-change, crafted fresh coffee, brewed iced coffee/tea and chai, checked temperatures/performance of all equipment (sometimes general maintenance/repairs!), provided great customer service, kept register stocked with proper change, processed payments, verbally counted-back change, did the nightly reconciliation and deposit. Also, I trained all new hires on the general flow of their shift as well as (my favorite) espresso training! I kept night crew on task, provided conflict resolution by exercising extreme emotional intelligence (and with a staff of 20 female Baristas in their 20's-emotional intelligence is a must!), was always approachable and dependable!


Jazzman's Cafe; 1000 Rim Drive, Durango Colorado , Supervisor: Dan Fortin 970.247.2324

January 2010 - April 2011

This was my first introduction to the coffee industry and successfully got me hooked on everything coffee! Jazzman's was unique to me in the sense of working the cafe alone. I opened/closed, brewed drip, espresso drinks and smoothies. It taught me how to balance a register and self-motivate! It also was a great introduction to the high-energy environment of the beverage industry!

Raw Food Chef

Turtle Lake Refuge Cafe; 848 E. 3rd Ave. Durango, Colorado , Owner: Katrina Blair 970.247.8395

December 2009 - May 2010

Turtle Lake is a unique organic farm as well as local raw and wild food kitchen! Here I prepared living foods with a creative artistic presentation; using only raw, organic, vegetarian or vegan ingredients. I served food and shared with the community knowledge and nutrition information about their food; educating about values and pleasures of locally grown, wild harvested and living foods! I also planted, watered and harvested micro-greens (sunflower, pea, wheatgrass, buckwheat) for local schools, restaurants and Farmer's Market in Durango!

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