David Cruwys, Founder ✧ Business Outtasking

Sydney, 2000, Australia


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My vision is to create a platform to getting things done for business on a massive scale by implementing systems and processes that leverage the enormous pool of skilled task oriented workers around the world and guide them towards common business problems that engage their unique strengths to deliver efficient solutions with speed, quality and scale. ★ "Online Tasks Done For You Quick and Super-Affordable" ★ 99Reasons: ☹ Jane wants an Opt-in box on her blog linked to her favourite email list manager. She fiddles with HTML and Short Codes for six hours and after a frustrating day has no Opt-In box and has unfortunately broken her site. ☹ Daniel has a conference this weekend and hopes to generate extra business. He would like to show off a branded Facebook Fan-Page that matches his website. He orders from his local web designer but unfortunately catches a cold and does not deliver until Monday after the conference. ☹ Alison has just landed a large order for 20 video landing pages from her most important client, she scrambles onto Freelancer, Guru and eLance and is inundated with hundreds of software houses, developers and assorted freelancers. She sifts through applicants and picks two winners with fantastic portfolio’s. Unfortunately for Alison her Filipino freelancer is plagued by slow internet connections and local electricity outages that effects communication and delivery time, while her backup team operating out of Deli receive a better deal elsewhere and leave her high and dry. ★ 99Solutions: ✔ Pay outsourced prices…but without the hassles and quality issues of outsourced contractors. All tasks done to ‘best standard’ and 'professionally quality managed' Specialties Cloud Application Development ◍ Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services ◍ HTML 5 Smartphone agnostic cloud applications Outsourcing ◍ BPO, Workflows, Processes ◍ Offshore business process teams ◍ Offshore developer teams ◍ Distributed Workforce Manager Social Media Marketing ◍ Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ ◍ Article, Video & Pinterest Marketing Professional Presentations ◍ Public Speaker ◍ Presenter ◍ Toastmaster Personal Development ◍ Happiness ◍ Connection & Contribution


Founder , Sydney

October 2011 - November 2012

"Online Tasks Done For You Quick and Super-Affordable” 99Tasks is an online supermarket of tasks that allow Business to get things done quickly, affordably and with consistent quality. All tasks are done for you following standard recipes and delivered by a pool of skilled task oriented workers that operate within a framework of processes that utilises their unique strengths to deliver business solutions with quality, speed and scalability.

Business Process Outsourcing
Business Development
Technology Design / Review

CloudSpeed , Sydney

March 2011 - November 2012

Cloudspeed is a software development platform for cloud and mobile computing that has gone through the Start-up and Venture Capital Pitching Phases and attracted multiple clients for cloud based projects. This business while highly leveraged in the technology space is currently undergoing a pivot with a new venture between Laura Masson and myself currently in development. Stay tuned for more information.

Software Architecture
Business Development
Offshore Developer Management
Architect / Lead Developer


May 2008 - January 2012

Architect and lead developer for Australia's number financial products comparison website, InfoChoice. Architecture and development of scalable financial product comparison website with white labeled version running part of the finance product verticals for Yahoo, News Limited, Fairfax Architect behind our elastic, scalable SAAS back-end modules that support the Comparison Website

Software Architecture
Lead Developer
ex: PHP
Architect / Lead Developer

Moneytech Ltd.

April 2004 - May 2008

Architect for Moneytech, an online bank providing highly secure electronic banking between retailers and suppliers in the Australian market. The Moneytech systems provide secure banking using 2 factor authentication via SecurID and SmartCards.

Software Architecture
Lead Developer
ex: PHP
Technical Manager/Consultant

Teamsoft Limited

January 2002 - December 2002

Consultant/Developer for CommerzBank, Dublin: * Automate manual processes by building workflow systems that integrated Microsoft, J2EE and IBM technologies. Technical Manager/Developer - Marsh Ltd., Dublin / Brussels * Management of six programmers + project management * Developing and implementing best practices and quality control * Identifying inefficient coding patterns and providing instruction on better designs * Building common components for use by the programmers Developer - Horse Racing Ireland, Dublin * Built an application tier that would scrape information from old IBM 3270 terminal applications in real time (Data Tier), store in the intermediate cache (Application Tier) and accessible via web application (Web Tier)

Technology Business Consultant
Development Team Manager
Sub-Contracting Developer

Southern Spirit Software

January 1999 - December 2001

Developer/Analyst - NSW Area Health Service * Build complex data manipulation tools for processing yearly data for all NSW hospitals. * System utilized state wide data warehouse and applied individual hospital based calculations and formulas to massive data stores. * SAAS architecture would pull/push information into various patient costing and information systems. Developer/Analyst - Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Sydney * Build a multi-tiered web classifieds application for internal staff use. Goal to help reduce the million+ emails per month flowing through Merck systems. * Java desktop applications with Oracle and DB2 back ends, E-commerce Electronic Chart of Accounts module that interacted with the data warehouse, web based. Developer - NSW Aged Disability Department * Team developer on backend of * This scalable web administration application is used for tracking people with Seniors Card in NSW

Software Architecture
Software Development
ex: PHP
Senior Developer


January 1990 - June 1998

I spent six years as a developer for SeaconLink from 1990 to 1996, before moving away from my profession for a few years (mid 1996 – 1998) so that I could develop my interpersonal relationship skill by working in a number of jobs that focused on working with people. These jobs included retail sales with Harvey Norman, door to door sales with FAI home security and mortgage reduction programs, work in café’s and pubs.

Software Architecture
Lead Developer
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