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August 2010 - October 2011

TalentMarks provides live and on demand curriculum to help grads and alumni build a life long career and job search strategy. 1) College Career Centers use our Career Gear product to help prepare grads for their job search and interviews.. 2) Our live and on-demand career courses on job search skills, networking and interviewing by the nations top career experts give grads confidence that helps them stand out. 3) Over 700 Career Centers and 60,000 students have participated in our Webinar series that feature career authors and experts. 4) To help the 80 percent of grads who are unemployed, we organized the first ever 12 hour Grad Career Marathon where 24 career experts shared advice. If you know of an unemployed grad, have them pick up the knowledge they need to get a job at

President & CEO

Internet Strategies Group

December 2006 - October 2011

Business Partnership - Always looking for synergistic partnerships Strategic Consulting - NOBODY has a written Internet strategy. I help organizations integrate Web 2.0, social media tools to engage the changing behaviors of their customers Training - Based on my book, Internet Dough, Make More Dough Marketing Online, we provide a series of Webinars to train businesses how they can use the Internet to acquire, retain and engage customers * Write white papers focusing on online community, social media and engaging customers online

President & CEO


August 1995 - September 2007

I founded this company in 1995 to provide private password protected online communities. My business plan called for providing online communities to funeral homes to pizza shops! In early 1996 our first online communities were designed for college students. We created an early version of Facebook which we called, Studentaccess and later started an online community where students could start their own business! In the later part of 1996 we focused on building private password communities for alumni associations, primarily because we knew they were able to pay anywhere from $995 to $50,000 per year. During the 13 years I owned the business we built over 300 online communities for clients like The London School of Economics, Columbia University, Open University etc. As the industry became more competitive and it appeared the price of providing online communities were going to continue to drop, I sold this company to iModules in 2007 and founded Internet Strategies Group.


Graduation Photo

February 1975 - August 1995

I founded Aardvark Studios/Graduation Photo while in college. Drove 50,000 miles a year to build the business. Carried an old cast iron, IBM typewriter around to type letters in my hotel rooms at night. The PC introduced in 1982 changed my life! We photographed graduates when they received their diploma. Starting with two schools in 1975 and sold it when we were serving 550 colleges and high schools and photographing nearly 200,000 students each year. Our 150 photographers would take a photograph of each graduate receiving their diploma, then our production team would send a free proof from which they could order. By the time the PC was introduced in 1982, we were tracking the 200,000 orders per year.

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