Tore Maras-Lindeman

Project Manager Extraordinaire

Portland, USA


Project Management

TML Systems (i.e. TRADOS)

Vendor Management

Research/Business Dev.





I am a diversely educated professional over 10 years experience attained CONUS and OCONUS within military, federal and international environments covering consumer markets, commodities, cyberspace, financial products and most recently healthcare. During my career in the military and federal posts I was able to obtain exceptional on the job training and education that assisted me in the diverse assignments and positions I have held. An exceptional generalist due to the diverse knowledge I have and obtained managing skills working with domestic and foreign nationals in extreme conditions allow me the ability to adapt, learn quickly and deliver. Goals are set to be exceeded always-ensuring implementation of efficient and effective methods to do so. A passionate veteran advocate, I strive to ensure that our veterans have a place in society. Furthermore, working with two large Cancer Centers in the US I am on the team undergoing Phase II Human Trials on a drug to fight pediatric osteosarcoma that I created. My father and brother both passed from Bone Cancer in 2007 hence my dedication to funding and actively involved in cancer research.


University of Kentucky


June 2012 - June 2012

University of Indianapolis

English and Linguistics , English and Linguistics

October 2005 - October 2005

University of Maryland

Psychology/Org Behavior , Psychology/Org Behavior

December 2003 - December 2003

Defense Language Institute

Linguistics , Linguistics

November 1996 - November 1996

Bronx Science HS

May 1994 - May 1994


Interim Chief Executive

BLS Solutions , Portland, OR

January 2012 - January 2013

A language services company by which US military veteran linguists are assisted in finding work

Operational Duties
Responding to RFPs
PM Contractor

Homeland Security/FEMA , Nationwide

May 2008 - January 2013

With my vast experience during active duty and upon my separation due to an injury I was employed with various government entities as a consultant in respects to remedies for targeting non-English speaking communities during Emergency and breach situations as well as create acclamation cultural briefing reports ensuring full knowledge of the target country from written to unwritten laws, customs and target populations.

PM Management
Vendor Management
Report Collation
Crypto-linguist -Commissioned Officer

US Armed Forces , Worldwide

November 1995 - May 2008

Provided Cryptologic Linguist Support including development and analysis for dissemination to US and Coalition forces. Contributed to comprehensive end-product reports in support of unified and specified combat commanders, joint task force commanders, tactical units and national consumers. Responsible for processing, analyzing and translating traffic including recognizing information that meets intelligence reporting criteria and adheres to national operating guidelines and standards. Utilized software and hardware organic to national agencies and remote collection systems. Responsible for Indications and Warnings as well as providing situational awareness reports for target area strategic forces Cryptologic Linguist Managed a team of 1500 Cryptologic Linguists to assist in various localization efforts in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Maintained federal budget for such efforts during 2005-2008 for OCONUS operations

Project / Mission Management
War Related Deployments

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