Dylan DeNicholas

Undergraduate Studying Business

Elizabeth, United States


Summer Intern





A student at Pennsylvania State University since 2012, Dylan DeNicholas is majoring in supply chain & information systems and minoring international business. He completed a summer internship with Atalanta Corporation in summer 2014 that involved analysis of procurement and sourcing. Dylan DeNicholas worked with product managers on planning projects, and was successful in decreasing lead times. He managed a process of securing forecast inputs in various areas, from finance to sales, and creating demand plans. A key focus was on driving continuous supply chain improvements. Mr. DeNicholas will complete a 6 month long work program with the Hershey Company in the fall of 2015. In his free time, Mr. DeNicholas has traveled extensively in Europe and visited more than a dozen countries on the continent. In the summer of 2014, Dylan DeNicholas had the opportunity to study in the Netherlands at the University of Maastricht School of Business and Economics.


Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor , Bachelor

August 2012 - August 2012


Summer Intern

Atalanta Corporation , Elizabeth

May 2013 - August 2013

ex: Management
ex: Gardening
ex: PHP

Workplace personality


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