Carla Kerstens Canino

Marketing, Business Development, Project Mgmt

Hollywood, 33004, USA


Rights Management

Business Development

Project Management

Strategic Marketing


Multi-faceted professional eager to apply business development, project management, public relations and interactive marketing skills to help establish partnerships and propose strategic solutions to lead the growth of the organization. Seeking to work in a fast and dynamic environment, actively learn, take ownership of challenging tasks and bring creative and entrepreneurial solutions to achieve business objectives


University of Miami

Media Management, Economics , Media Management, Economics

May 2010 - May 2010

Broward College

Mass Communications, Honors , Mass Communications, Honors

July 2007 - July 2007


Director of Business Development and Marketing

Pricewand, LLC , Pompano Beach

July 2011 - April 2012

Developed branding identity, wireframes, structure and web copy for the startup. Managed project development going from brand's concept redesign, to web beta launch in 6 months Conceptualized brand's differentiation strategy by gamifying the web platform and enhancing social features Led and executed UX/UI study resulting in Social Media Integration reducing user sign up time by an average 5 minutes Led efforts to increase brand's credibility, resulting in affiliate relationships with industry leader in background search, zero up-front investment and an added extra revenue stream Initiated and nurtured business relationships with Web/Mobile Development and Marketing industry leaders, resulting in zero-cost technical insight, zero-cost usability feedback and minimal cost marketing exposure on local organizations

Business Development
Marketing and Product Development
Project Management
Business Development and Business Affairs Intern

Univision Interactive Communications , Miami

January 2011 - June 2011

Worked with in-house attorneys and Business Development department in reviewing and analyzing preexisting licensing and co-branding deals for the expansion of the Univision brand, resulting in 100% legal compliance and the successful launching of Univision's mobile application Managed the development and acquisition of partnerships for online and mobile business growth for Salud, Dinero and Cine pages resulting on higher quality content available to the end user Coordinated with several departments and outside partners and implemented projects to enhance user experience at Univision's Interactive properties Performed Quality Assurance on Univision's 72 local online properties to ensure e-commerce partner links and sites worked up to standards determined in co-branding agreements, identifying five major bugs across all properties resulting in site improvements in all major local markets and increased click-through rates on co-brand widgets, pages and higher conversions

Rights Management
Business Development
Project Management
Consultant and Founder

Sunlight Communications Consulting , Hollywood

October 2010 - April 2012

Developed strategies and led Business Development efforts aiming to increase content acquisition for online sound-sharing platform startup Oversaw the brand creation process, launch and optimization of client's project and recommended a zero up-front investment alternative for distribution, while refocusing the brand on its online bilingual content, saving client over $5,000 a month on distribution costs Performed networking and public relations duties and co-organized targeted initiatives resulting on high exposure and visibility and strong relationships with local and national organizations on the interactive marketing, technology, journalism and entrepreneurship fields, in an effort to assist small businesses increase exposure and strategic partnerships with minimum monetary investment

Business Development
Rights Management

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