Emilee Simmons

MBA Student

Saltaire, United Kingdom


Stakeholder Management

Development Leader

Programme Management

Marketing & Communications


University of Leeds

Identity Formation & Comms , Identity Formation & Comms

2010 - 2010

University of Oxford

Musicology , Musicology

2005 - 2005

Shenandoah University

Music & History , Music & History

2004 - 2004


Homeowner Liaison for Saltaire Arts Trail

Saltaire Inspired

October 2011 - April 2012

Stakeholder Management
Negotiation & Communication Strategies
Events Planning & Management

Net Impact

October 2011 - April 2012

LEADERSHIP - leading a team of 11 diverse individuals in order to achieve our primary objectives: the first, to continue our GOLD STATUS (of which only 14% of chapters around the world have achieved) COMMUNICATIONS- produced the PRiME report for the UN NETWORKING- working with external companies and business professionals to improve our contacts and strengthen our chapter

Leading an International Team
Internal & External Communications
Strategic Planning & Implementation
MBA Student

Leeds University Business School

September 2011 - April 2012

NEW VENTURE BUSINESS PLAN & Project Management - working within a brand new team of international business professionals we created a fantastic business plan based on multi-platform communications *achieved DISTINCTION, 72 out of 90 (UK grading scale) *AWARD: 2nd Place in competition MARKETING MANAGEMENT >Achieved DISTINCTION for a 3 Year Strategic Marketing Plan on e-commerce & website optimisation for a UK Fair trade company CURRENT MODULES: *Sustainability/CSR________*Business Excellence *Change Management______*Strategic Management *Decision Making__________*HRM *Boardroom Challenge - acting as the M&S board, our team of 6 individuals will deliver our recommended strategies to Current M&S Directors *Consultancy Challenge - provide strategic consultancy work for third sector companies in Yorkshire *MBA Project - I'm still looking for the right project...

Communications & Presentations
Independent Researcher

Self Employed

July 2011 - September 2011

3 MOS PROJECT to produce academic articles CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS included: *A panel I created on 'Visual Articulations of Masculinity' at the 'Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change' symposium at London Met University. *Presentation at the 16th Annual BAAS Conference 2011

Project Management
Education Liaison & Supervisor

Shared Earth

April 2008 - July 2011

DEVELOPED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME: to teach children and young adults (4-18 years+) about fair trade and ethical business practices with ORIGINAL TEACHING MATERIALS EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS: including interactive activities for a range of age groups (5yrs to 80+) and for children/young adults including those with Learning Disabilities. MANAGED PUBLIC EVENTS: including events in schools, as well as working with other businesses & organisations to create and promote fair trade events across the community LIAISING: Worked with schools, community projects and various organisations across the city of Leeds and West Yorkshire RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: with the Leeds City Council and local projects to further promote fair trade and ethical business practices within the community

Stakeholder Management
Event & Project Management
Communications & Presentations
Part-time Lecturer

University of Leeds

September 2006 - December 2010

PRESENTATION & PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Taught several undergraduate modules across a wide breadth of knowledge and interdisciplinary scholarship within the School of Music. *PROJECT DESIGN: Proactively created all teaching materials and lectures for each module; including preparations of syllabi and assessments. Also included ASSESSMENT activities such as exam, portfolio assignments, essay and dissertation design as well as assessment *SUPPORT&GUIDANCE: Provided effective tutorials and led study groups to encourage student participation and lifelong learning *ADMINISTRATION: Efficiently performed all administration and clerical responsibilities, including active participation in school and faculty committees

Project Design & Management
Support & Guidance
Archivist and Researcher

The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments

October 2004 - August 2005

*INDEPENDENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT: First and sole archivist to organise and catalogue the personal and academic artefacts of Mr Philip Bate (founder of the collection, as well as musicologist, broadcaster & founding member of the Galpin Society) *TEAMWORK: worked with a group of archivists on managing and organising the Morley-Pegge archives. *MANAGEMENT: Gained experience in working within a museum, maintaining musical instruments and working with the general public. This included working closely with the museum’s curator, Dr Hélène La Rue and Mr Andrew Lamb (current curator). *PRESENTATIONS: gave public lectures and proactively participated in the delivery of public and educational events

Project Management
Archival Work
Archivist and Researcher

The Stone House Foundation

January 2004 - August 2004

*PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Developed the first history of the Stone family and the Stone General Store, which was the bedrock for the development of the town of Stephen’s City. This work also included examining the social-economic impacts and relationships between the family, the business and the town. *LIAISING: with city officials and local residents in order to create a well-rounded historical account of the family and their effects on the present day town. *DATABASE ENTRY: Quickly learnt a bespoke database system to recorded all archival data. *PRESENTATION: Delivered two lectures on my work with the Stone House Foundation. One was for a public lecture series, which I organised and managed. Other talks were delivered during the local town festival, celebrating the Stone family. *PUBLIC: helped with tours, educational programmes and gave presentations on local history during the town festival.

Database Entry
Project Management
Customer Service Manager/ Head Cashier

Lowe's Home Improvement

January 2002 - January 2004

*PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: Managed over 25 cashiers and responsible for merchandising, work schedules, cash flow, meeting management targets and security *CUSTOMER SERVICE: Dealing with problem customers and resolving customer issues (over the phone, in person and through formal letters) *ACHIEVEMENTS: Won a multitude of awards for excellent Customer Service

People Management
Customer Service
Assistant Clerk to the Registrar

Shenandoah University

August 2000 - May 2002

*ADMINISTRATION: Clerical and Secretarial position; utilizing all of the basic skills necessary for these two roles *CUSTOMER SERVICE: Responsibilities included providing front-line student and staff support and customer service *DATABASE ENTRY: Management of student and class schedules, data entry into University database system

Customer Service
Database Entry

E.E. Bayliss Real Estate

January 1996 - January 2000

*LEADERSHIP: Head Secretary on Weekends *ADMINISTRATION: Utilised all basic skills necessary for this role including audio-typing, preparing client contracts, filing, organising agents diaries and open days. *CUSTOMER SUPPORT & BUDGETING: Other responsibilities included front-line customer support, office budgeting and client payments *WEBSITE MANAGEMENT: Management of company properties on national real estate database system and on company website

Customer Service
Database & Website Management

Workplace personality


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