Emily Chadraba

Naperville, 60540, USA


ESL Teacher

CEDEI , Cuenca, Ecuador

January -

Taught a range of beginner to higher level, portfolio writing courses to over 50 students. Achieved maximum results by breaking down and restructuring specific language tasks into smaller, manageable segments. Maintained an open, engaging environment based on students strengths, weaknesses and learning styles.

ex: Management
ex: Gardening
ex: PHP
Interactive Account Coordinator

ARS Interactive , Palatine, IL

January -

Acting liaison between national clients- Whirlpool, Gladiator GarageWorks, Kmart, The Great Indoors, Brand Expand, Kenmore, Craftsman, Sears- and development team. Developed and executed project deadlines. Communicated project specifications and lead-time to respective team members. Maintained analytics reports on sales and interactive performance.

ex: Management
ex: Gardening
ex: PHP

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