Cristian Schlindwein


Novo Hamburgo, 93510-250, Brazil



Project Management


Data Analysis


Business administration professional with experience on planning and execution of projects, coordination of market research, data analysis, team management, and development of strategic marketing activities. Had already worked in international logistics field, plan and placement of orders in footwear industries, and international shipment control. I am interested on job opportunities that can challenge my routine and open opportunities to develop new competencies. I always look to add a differential to the companies being a result oriented professional, working with teams and showing solutions to new challenges.


Feevale University

Business Administration , Business Administration

July 2008 - July 2008

Wallkill Senior High School

June 2003 - June 2003


Business Intelligence Coordinator

Abicalçados , Novo Hamburgo, RS - Brazil

October 2008 - December 2011

Structured a new area, a team and activities to support Brazilian footwear manufacturers on strategical information to help their decision making process. The Business Intelligence Unit provides a customized support on mapping and organizing information, data analysis, and dissemination to its associates. Also, as a coordinator, have an important role on office management and strategical plan follow up.

Strategic Planning
Project Management
Statistics Analyst

Abicalçados , Novo Hamburgo, RS - Brazil

January 2008 - September 2008

Structured the statistics department of Abicalçados, bulding new tools to control and upgrade internal system, to make sure data base was better organized. Developed a map of important data sources, created new statistical reports and annuary.

Statistics analysis
Build reports
Research data
Customs Valuation Project Manager

Abicalçados , Novo Hamburgo, RS - Brazil

March 2007 - December 2007

Developed activities as Manager of a project that aimed to develop a system to support Brazilian customs on analyzing imports of footwear based on price or costs parameters.

Project Management
Building cost parameter tool
Contact with industries / meetings
VP Exchange (Vice President of Exchange)

AIESEC in Novo Hamburgo , Novo Hamburgo, RS - Brazil

December 2006 - December 2007

Exchange team management; plan and control of team activities; development and implementation of operational plans; active participation on strategical plan building and decision make process on Aiesec office in Novo Hamburgo; coordination of induction process for new members; plan and execution of team building and transition to new executive board; participation as a member of the National Exchange Team of Aiesec Brazil.

Team Management
Strategic Plan follow up
Activities follow up
Planning and Shipping Assistant

Phoenix Footwear Group - Brazilian Division (Techshoe Exportacoes) , Novo Hamburgo, RS - Brazil

September 2004 - February 2007

Developed activities to plan, place and control orders for footwear production in Brazilian footwear industries, until its delivery to be shipped. Followed up cargo deliveries and main contact with office in USA.

Planning of orders
Shipments follow up
Management and control of data
Export Assistant

Transcontinental Logistica S/A , Novo Hamburgo, RS - Brazil

February 2004 - September 2004

Developed activities regarding export of cargo by air freight forwarders. Control and issue of documents, organization and follow up of export processes, contact with customers and customs.

Contact with customers
Follow up on processes
Issue of documents

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