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Eric Feldstein currently serves as executive vice president for American Express (AmEx) in New York City. Working within the company’s Enterprise Growth Group since 2010, Eric Feldstein leads its Fee Based Services, Worldwide Currency Exchange, and Foreign Exchange International Payments operations, providing direct oversight to each of the three areas. AmEx’s Fee Based Services group works to find ways to capitalize on its existing assets in order to develop new businesses and to generate additional revenue streams. The Worldwide Currency Exchange team offers foreign exchange services to millions of businesses and travelers annually through banks and other locations. The Foreign Exchange International Payments(FXIP)operation enables international payments for its 20,000 business clients to nearly 200 different countries across the globe. Through his successful career, Eric Feldstein has held a number of senior leadership roles within the financial arena, including chief executive officer of GMAC Financial Services, chief financial officer and partner of Eton Park Capital Management, and Vice President and Treasurer of General Motors. Outside of work, Feldstein is active in his local synagogue, Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun in Manhattan, where he served six consecutive terms as president from April 2006 to April 2012.


Columbia University


May 1981 - May 1981


Executive Vice President

American Express

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