Gert Luyten


Senior Service Delivery Manager

Microsoft , Nrussels

April 2010 - December 2011

Managing enterprise services within the no. 1 bank in Belgium (and part of a large and leading European group), focussing on providing added value for their business, IT architecture and Operations.

Nissan EMEA Service Improvement Programme Manager

CSC , Brussels - Paris

January 2010 - March 2010

To deliver an executive service improvement programme with clear and measurable goals and deliverables, reviewed at a monthly review meeting with the Nissan CIO, CSC Account Executive and Service Executive. The programme focussed on 5 improvement areas (streams): - Disaster Recovery for all Midrange services - Server toolset deployment (monitoring, alerting and capacity&performance management) - ODM: Operations Document Management - Major Incident and Problem Management - Innovation, with the help from the CSC regional Lead Architect The programme ended with a very positive result and a SOW compliance result of above 96%, helping the Nissan business to align better with its IT operations.

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