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I am currently a Computer Science, B.S., student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with a focus in visualization and a crescendoing interest in the applications of technology for medical purposes. As far as what I do, I am a software developer and a student. I am passionate about computer graphics, bioinformatics, and I have recently become passionate about haptic robotics and computer vision as well.


UNC Charlotte

Computer Science , Computer Science


Research Intern

MIT , Cambridge, MA

June 2012 - January 2012

My job involves developing an iPhone/iPad iOS application that implements bullet time for Fredo Durand, a Computer Graphics PI, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Bullet-time effects, also known as frozen time, have been made popular by movies such as the Matrix: the effects involve freezing an action and allowing the creation of a video where the viewpoint orbits around an action scene. When utilizing photographed or filmed real-world objects, bullet time usually involves the careful synchronization of many high-end cameras. We want to democratize bullet time by creating an application that allows multiple mobile-devices to be synchronized to take a picture at the precise same-time.

Software Engineering
SUPERB-ITS Research Intern for Lior Pachtor

UC Berkeley , Berkeley, CA

June 2011 - August 2011

My experience as a research intern consisted of developing software for the Laboratory for Mathematical and Computational Biology project: "Visualizing Online RNA-Seq Abundance Estimation." I was responsible for designing and creating a graphical user-interface, known as "CuffVis," that analyzed and visualized RNA-sequencing information in real time, visualizing the parameters of the main algorithm in real-time via a user-interactive interface for scientists. CuffVis is the first instance in which the parameters of the algorithm used by CuffLinks software have been visualized in real time. Current and future versions are to be used by Berkeley's Laboratory for Mathematical and Computational Biology and to be distributed with CuffExpress for scientists to visualize and to interpret research results instantly and in real time. The paper I wrote on the project can be viewed on my personal site:

Software Engineering
Teaching Assistant

UNC Charlotte , Charlotte, NC

August 2010 - May 2012

My job as a teaching assistant at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, for the Introduction to Computer Science course, requires me to facilitate and instruct two Computer Science labs. The labs focus on learning the C++ programming language. In addition, I maintain office hours every week during the Fall and Spring semesters, and it is my responsibility to grade programming assignments, lab tests, and occasionally lecture tests. When needed, I proctor exams for the ITCS-1212 professors.

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