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Umea School of Business

June 2005 - June 2005



Youmeet Technology

August 2009 - January 2012

Youmeet Technology is a great team of people creating new social plattforms for the next generation of social enterprises. My job was to assist Björn and Svante in creating an upgraded version of their existing platform UM5 to attract more business and lower the cost for redeployment. In the following two year we all worked really hard to test and develop new exiting platforms such as and numerous other platforms. In 2012 the platform stability and overall maturity of the company attracted some very exiting clients and I decided to hand over the company and reduce travelling from Stockholm to Skövde. I stayed on as advisor for some of the companies until the summer of 2012. Key Roles * Business Development (Online, Systems, Project Management) * Key Account Management * Personnel management 15 people Key Outcome * Attracted new attractive clients * Restructured the organisation * Grew revenues with 200% * Attracted a number of strong brands

Process and Business Development
Nordic CEO CareerTV / Entrepreneur

April 2008 - August 2009

This job included taking the building the concept of and a new system/site/company/concept for the Nordic Market. Full responsebility from web, technology, sales, recruiting etc. The company was sold summer 2009. This most one of the most fun projects I have every done. Fantastic ;) Key Roles * Business Development * Key Account Management * Project management IT (LAMP) Key Outcome * Created a new employer branding concept * Went to 0 to 2 Msek in sales in 6 months * Profitable after 9 months

Project Managmeent
Co-Founder / Entrepreneur

Studentis Group

July 2004 - April 2008

As a Nordic manager my job is to coordinate and manage the nordic division of Studentis Group. Key Roles * Business Development * Key Account Management * Project management IT (LAMP) * Personnel management 15 people Key Outcome * Created the leading student community * Went to 0 to 5 Msek in sales * Expanded the company to 3 countries * Attracted a number of strong brands

Independent Contractor and loving IT

Gerdes IT AB

June 2000 - November 2012

After my last assignment I decided that I had been working to much with non-techie stuff. I then decided to take the rest of 2012 to invest in creative and high paced development of new projects. My current projects include exiting concept for the next generation of recruiting with Universum Communications and also a new search engine for the CAN industri. Both projects are extremely exiting so stay tuned on my feed for news and updates. Current Projects Include - PM-methods SCRUM - Java, JS, JSON, AWS, LAMP, Wordpress - Concept development through Axure - Outsourced development in US, Eastern Europe - A lot of GUI and UX

Project Managment
Sales Manager


January 1998 - January 1999

This was my first real job and maybe also the most crazy job I have had so far. My initial role was to do traditional telemarketing including both customer care and sales. Since the company was in startup mode (growing some 200% year) a lot of new roles, concepts and ideas were quickly rolled out tried and implemented throughout the organisation. Key Roles * Business Developmement * Personnel management 36 people Key Outcome * Fundamentals of sales * Great Team management experience * High pace, high results, high rewards * Union negotiations -Well it was a Kinnevik company

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