Himanshu Tantia

Application Developer

Tampa, 33634, United States


I have about 5 years of experience working in mobile industry working with some top notch clients and on some amazing products, couple of which were really complex. Since I was always working very closely with the clients the focus has always been on the over all quality of the product and the delivery timeline and this something I have never learnt to compromise on. Though working in a team with fast paced development methodology and following Agile principles, I have always been very keen about the code quality and overall performance of the product. Its challenging but fun!! Having worked in various team sizes and have gotten the opportunity to grow the mobility practice form 1 person team to 20 people (at Win Information Technologies) I have also lead the delivery team and hence I have evolved as a very good team worker, team leader and highly motivated and responsible individual contributor. With my excellent technical skills, quick learning abilities, great interpersonal skills and soft-skills along with my overall industry experience I think I'm well suited for this role.

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