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Before beginning an extensive career in the pharmaceutical and nutritional products industries, John Botzolakis received a BA in chemistry, an MS in pharmaceutical sciences, and a PhD in industrial-physical pharmacy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Upon completing his doctorate, he worked as a research scientist for Warner-Lambert and developed pharmaceuticals for approval through the FDA’s New Drug Application process and Investigational New Drug program. He subsequently joined Kabco Pharmaceuticals. As director of operations, John Botzolakis managed the manufacture of nutritional products, oversaw 100 staff members, and initiated new quality control procedures. Since founding Soma Labs, Inc., in 1998, Dr. Botzolakis has served as president and CEO of a company that provides contract manufacturing of vitamins and nutritional supplements. At the Soma Labs facility in Middlesex, New Jersey, he directs 55 employees and administers all operations, including raw material specification, equipment acquisition, and new product development. John Botzolakis also ensures safety measures and has established a quality control program that meets good manufacturing practice (GMP) and FDA requirements. As a researcher in the domains of solid dosage forms and instrumentation for process control, Dr. Botzolakis has contributed to the development of inventions that have received U.S. Patents Nos. 4,807,465; 4,864,876; and 4,910,023. He has cowritten research articles published in such journals as Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy and the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Also an invited speaker for numerous professional symposia, he has presented research at several annual meetings of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.


University of Maryland at Balt

Ph.D. , Ph.D.

December 1984 - December 1984



Soma Labs, Inc.

November 1998 - January 2015

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