Josh Weinstein

Web Design and UX Manager

New York, 10004, United States


Web Design

User Experience

Information Architecture

Project Management


Manager of Web Design and User Experience

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

September 2011 - January 2012

Creative Director

Significal LTD

June 2009 - March 2010

Significal was a web-based startup where we built a web application which enhanced a user’s calendar app (GCal, Outlook, etc.) As Creative Director, I was responsible for all creative work that we did while the company was in existence, designed and coded all the front-end aspects of the web application, and worked closely with the technology team who developed the Java application. In addition, I scripted and recorded the video tutorials for the product.

Creative Director


June 2007 - October 2008

At MyStudiyo I was responsible for all aspects of the design and front-end coding of our website and web application. While I was creative director, we designed and redesigned the website 3 times due to the evolution of the product. We created a fun and easy-to-use editor to create online quizzes. We produced more than 20 skins for the web-based quiz player and we created many custom-branded skins for premium customers. I worked very closely with the development team who created the application in PHP and javascript. Using HTML, CSS, and javascript, we were able to design and build a beautiful, flexible product.

Web Designer / Graphic Designer


February 2006 - September 2011

Design and coding of websites, print design, photo retouching, application UI design, online advertising, typographic layout, magazine and brochure design, corporate identity and more.

Creative Director


May 2005 - February 2006

PurchasingInfo was a startup company where I was responsible for designing and coding the UI for the PurchasingInfo software application and for creating conceptual mocks and working prototype sites for a variety of new web-based business ideas on a daily basis.

Art Director

ICQ Ltd. / AOL

November 1998 - April 2005

I was responsible for managing a team of in-house graphic designers as well as working with external design firms. While I was Art Director, we released 4 new client versions, redesigned the website 3 times, created countless promotions for new services and products, designed the UI for a number of web and client based services.

Graphic Designer

Prudential Healthcare

June 1996 - July 1997

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