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As an English Language and Literature graduate, literature and ELT have always been my passsion in my life. As a result, since my graduation onwards, I worked for miscellaneous companies for teaching English to different learning target groups. The groups I taught English consist of: Adults, teenagers, businessmen and young learners. Currently, I am teaching at a private school for Young Learners. I am preparing them to Cambridge YLE exams (Starters-Movers-Flyers). The biggest reason why I love my job is the chance of getting experienced for reaching to different target groups. In my career, I focus on both short term and long term results. For short term results: firstly, I want to be an inspiring ELT teacher who believes in technological and professional development. Secondly, I want to be an instructor/lecturer at a well-established University where I can consummate my very best efforts for my job. In the long term results, I definitely want to be a dedicated researcher in my field.


Kemerburgaz Doga Private School (TR),

English Teacher , 01-08-2010-Present

August 2010 -

Contribution: ELT department supervising, assistant to the head of the department, YLE prep.

Supervising the ELT department
Preparing the YLs to ESOL Exams
English Teacher
Gökdil Language Centre(TR)

English Teacher , 09-11 2008/ 01-08-2010

November 2008 - August 2010

Contribution: English teaching to different level groups of Adults (Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate- Intermediate- Upper Intermediate- Advanced).

Küçükköy Vocational High School (TR)

English Teacher , 12-10- 2007/ 14-06 2008

October 2007 - June 2008

Contribution: Teaching English to High School students.

American Cultural Association

Teaching ELT for Business Purposes , 13-07-2007/ 18-09-2007

July 2007 - September 2007

Contribution: Business English teaching.


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