K. T. Bradford

Technology journalist

New York, USA


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I'm a writer, editor, blogger, content manger, and web producer/designer with experience in both online and print publications. My background covers several magazine fields: literary, tech news, fashion, and beauty. I've worked with Web 2.0, blogging, and social networking tools for over ten years.




May 2012 - July 2012

I specialize in reviews and analysis of mobile technology — laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

News & Features
Briefings & Research
Reviews Editor / GottaBeMobile

August 2011 - May 2012

Primarily responsible for reviewing mobile technology and accessories and writing roundups, face-offs and other content relating to reviewed products.

News & Features
Editorial Planning
News Editor

LAPTOP Magazine

August 2009 - July 2011

My primary responsibility is writing news posts and hands-on pieces for our blog plus developing content that will drive traffic. Additionally, I'm experienced in evaluating and reviewing mobile technology products: laptops, netbooks, smart phones, eReaders, portable media players, apps, software, and accessories. I contribute stories to both the online and print versions of the magazine; writing features, news and trends pieces, instructional guides, societal impact stories, and reviews. I'm the principle leader for our social media strategy. I've worked to increase reader participation on our blog plus interaction and clout on Facebook and Twitter. I also created the roadmap for targeted expansion of the magazine's presence on other networks. I have both television and radio/podcast media experience, with appearances on Fox Business Channel and NPR's News & Notes, among others.

Print Features
News & Web Features
Associate Editor

LAPTOP Magazine

July 2009 - August 2009

My primary responsibility was fact checking reviews, and other online content. I also assisted the reviews editor in testing and evaluating laptops and other products in our Lab. Additionally, I contributed short pieces to print issues and daily blog.

Fact Checking
Print & Web Features
Web Content Producer

LAPTOP Magazine

October 2008 - March 2009

Responsible for producing reviews and features (both web and print) for the magazine's website via the Ektron content management system and WordPress; HTML coding and image editing/manipulation. In addition to writing news and trends content for the blog, I also pitched, developed and wrote features and reviews for both web and print; web features among the top ten traffic generators.

Producing Content in CMS
Image & Video Editing
Writing for Print & Web
Managing Editor

Fantasy Magazine

August 2007 - May 2009

Responsible for supervising the production of original non-fiction content on a weekly basis. Responsible for coordinating a team of writers and contributors, supervising interns, and soliciting/assigning content and interviews. Wrote extensive documentation and tutorials on web applications, HTML, and image editing to train staff and interns. Oversaw the complete redesign of the site in conjunction with an outside developer. Resulted in 200% increase in traffic in two months. Spearheaded shift from literary magazine to entertainment portal with a focus on fiction. Spearheaded marketing, advertising, and publicity projects to continue visitor growth.

Editing & Curating Content
Managing Writers & Staff
Development & Marketing
Web Producer & Web Marketing

January 2006 - May 2008

Responsible for rotating online content, including weekly email newsletters; 2 - 4 ad-driven HTML and CSS -based newsletters per week; updating static content, review content, and ad copy for a website with over 10,000 hits per day. Created and updated template for subscriber mailings and web archives (for Expression Engine-based site) that work across platforms and on all major browsers and email/webmail programs. Redesigned email newsletter to increase click rates by over 20%. Evaluated beauty and fashion products and services for daily blog and newsletter features.

Newsletter Production
Managing Affiliate Relationships
Writing & Reviews

January 2002 - January 2006

Performed primary manuscript evaluation (over 100/month) on fiction content. Copyediting/Proofreading Contributed articles, interviews, and editorials Lead editor for Issue #9 (several stories mentioned in Year's Best compilations)

Slush Pile
Associate Editor

Peridot Books

January 2001 - January 2006

Performed primary manuscript evaluation (over 200/reading period) on fiction content for author contact and sale. Copy Writing Contributed articles, interviews, and editorials Redesigned website to give it a cleaner, updated look.

Slush Pile
Editorial Planning

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