Luu Giau

Hanoi, Vietnam



- Strong Finance-focused skills both at a technical and functional level (ARPU,Revenue, Cost, Margin, PnL, MACC, EBITDA…)

- Strong problem solving skills and an analytical mindset with the ability to influence decision making across levels.

- Ability to communicate process improvement and data strategy in a functional (i.e. top level, non technology way).

- Database architecture, development and modeling, Hadoop, Oracle

- Experience with Tableau, BI reporting tool,

- Experience of supporting the day-to-day maintenance of a system and handling day-to-day helpdesk queries

- Strong process improvement experience.


Hanoi University of Science & Technology (HUST)

Bachelor of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering , Electronic and Telecommunication

June 2000 - June 2005


Head of Business Insights and MIS

Vietnamobile Telecommunications.,JSC , Hanoi, Vietnam

January 2005 - Present

  1. Build and operate DWH:
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy, across all areas of data management; Architecture, Analytics, Integration, Privacy, Governance, Quality Management, and Data Management Meta
  • Provide engineering and architectural oversight for systems that are required to be reliable, scalable, highly available, and maintainable.
  • Work with our product teams, sales team to evolve business requirements into architecture and integrate them into long-term platform strategy
  • Develop a data dictionary model of data governance to ensure alignment
  • Define Data Architecture to match business needs
  1. Reporting and Analysis:
  • Reports from low to high level for all departments in the company.
  • Provide standard reports to dashboards through automated reporting systems using BI, BO, and Tableau tools or via SMS
  • Perform ad hoc to Query drill-down reports to know what the exact problem is? the ability to dig deep into the report to find out exactly what caused the revenue increase or decrease?
  • Alert respective sales heads or top management if any risk of significant performance shortfall with gap analysis
  • In-depth analysis including Forecasting, Predict and Optimize help provide information to support optimal business decision making for leaders
  1. Impact on product policies and usage efficiency from analytical reports
  • Provides analytical reports to Commercial Directors and CFO, CEOs helping to adjust sales KPIs, business strategy, product policies in a timely manner
  • Provide in-depth analytical reports with insight both in commercial (Customer behavior, New sales quality to fraudulent activities) and finance perspective (From Revenue to Margin, PnL, and EBITDA) into increasing profitability across all areas of operation (Sales policies, Product constructs, and Cost).
  • Evaluate the performance of each sales channel, the network efficiency, and utilization to have a save cost plan.
  • Developing/ calculating and monitoring all KPIs and incentive/ commission to distributors and sales team.
  1. Lead the team to execute workflow automation projects :
  • Auto-posting JVs from revenue to cost from DWH to ERP system, help to reduce human effort and near-realtime
  • Auto- reconcile from end to end to ensure the balance of entries and help for control and audit purposes
  • Automatically provide financial reports to slides for management to update business results in the fastest and most accurate way (ARPU, PnL, Margin, MACC, EBITDA ..)


  1. Restructuring whole DWH and Reporting systems:
  • Restructuring and rebuilding DWH from end to end to ensure consistent and accurate companywide data delivery
  • Restructuring and rebuilding the entire reporting system from over 100 reports to 30 reports with consistency in definitions and accuracy numbers.
  • Provide a self-analysis dashboard and automated reporting across SMS to end operational teams and management teams.
  • Successfully built an automated reporting and inspection system, reconcile from end to end to ensure data is delivered accurately and promptly.

Result: $ 400k savings from hiring vendor as originally planned.


  1. Complete FN's automation projects:

Project 1: Auto Jvs posting

  • Automate all reporting stages to record all revenue and direct expense streams from operational systems to ERP
  • Automatically reconcile and alert operational teams to operational teams if there are any deviations
  • The result: saved 7 staff's time from manual working in 4 days to 30 minutes.


Project 2: Auto amortization system according to IFRS15 accounting standard

  • Result: Amortization revenue is automatically recorded to ERP in accordance with IFRS standards. Helps reduce manual working time for the Finance team at the end of the month.


Project 3: CEO Automation, ORM slides at month-end

  • Automatically provide multidimensional business results (From Revenue to Margin, Cost and PnL) to report slides for CFO, CEO, and Board of Management
  • Results: Save the time of 3 staffs working within 1 week down immediately upon completion of the booking
  • Reports are provided immediate instead of waiting 4 days
  • Auto reconciliation from end to end instead of manually checking

Strategic Project Assistant Manager – CEO Office

Vietnamobile Telecommunications.,JSC , Hanoi, Vietnam

January 2013 - December 2015

  • Responsible for planning and overseeing projects from the initial ideation through to completion.
  • Coordinate people and processes to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with the desired outcomes aligned to objectives.

Assistant Revenue Assurance Manager

Vietnamobile Telecommunications.,JSC , Hanoi, Vietnam

November 2009 - December 2014

  • Control and update Revenue assurance Road map
  • Ensure all aspects of the revenue management chain are being controlled, effectively monitored, and maximum revenue is constantly realized.
  • Risk control in the whole process of telecom system
  • Completeness of Revenue: Ensuring all chargeable records are being charged
  • Accuracy of revenue: All transactions rated accurately
  • Completeness of revenue recognition