Mahmoud J.M. Abuwasel

MD.IF | CTP | BA.Law

Ottawa, K1L8J9, Canada


Contract Management

Legal Assistance

New Business Development

Financial Structuring


As founder of Wasel Operations SP, Mahmoud offers extensive legal and financial experience in administering model simulation processes to advise individuals, partnerships, and sole proprietors how to best leverage their investments . In complimenting the complexity of such endeavours, advisory is provided towards the legal implications of the projects and investments. For a number of years, Mahmoud has collaborated with private and public companies, developers, contractors, and non-profit organizations, with a geographical focus on Canada and the Middle East.


Legal Investment Advisor

Wasel Operations SP. , Ottawa

July 2012 - November 2012

Advisory and consultancy towards the legal liabilities of leverage investments in the expectancy of a financial crisis, based on the designated simulation models. Designing and underwriting the contracting duties towards emergency preparedness.

Crises Liability Analysis
Contract Underwriting
Legal Policy Preparation
Financial Crisis Counselor

Wasel Operations SP. , Ottawa

October 2011 - July 2012

Overlooking of financial crisis simulation models, forecasting expected leverage endeavours with 95% confidence rates. Establishment of the needed interacting agents. Provision of intricate model systems that allow firms to spot operation steps that would need de-leveraging on a micro basis, reducing any counter-productivity of the investment. Counseling towards re-distribution of assets and liabilities.

Simulation Modelling
Legal Structuring
Leverage Planning
Sales and Services Junior Consultant

Qatar Building Engineering Company , Ottawa

March 2011 - September 2011

Provided analysis of spreads in particular time and location spreads, with emphasis on trading opportunities on the curve, also accounting for long term market implications of service trade. The overseas information sharing aspect of the job provided a great experience in international development and relations.

Quantitative Analysis
Pricing Analyst

Travel House , Jordan

April 2010 - October 2010

Developed spreadsheets for risk analysis on exotic derivatives on a wide array of travel commodities, also supported analysis on secondary trades for middle office bookkeeping. This experience allowed me to grow an understanding of international tax and trade systems. This work presented an opportunity to understand the international legislation governing trade and global B2B regulations.

Financial Review
Cost Structuring
B2B Regulations
Summer Intern

Smart Global , Qatar

April 2008 - September 2008

Received pre-placed offer from the Local Projects Desk as a result of very positive review. Rated “truly distinctive” for critical thinking and team building skills. Responsibilities varied from administrative assistance to negotiation auditing. Establishing an understanding of the various departments in large sized firm.

Sales & Marketing
Public Relations

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