Nathaniel Grau



Client Acquisition

Word Crafting


San Francisco State University

Marketing , Marketing

December 2012 - December 2012


Copywriting Intern


April 2012 - May 2012

•Write webpage copy for company profile •Design web copy for AdNuance Inc. for different social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn) •Write landing page blog posts with SEO optimized keywords.

Creative Briefs
Search Engine Optimization Article Copywriter

Freelance Marketing Professional

March 2012 - October 2012

•Using traditional and modern marketing techniques (copywriting and SEO back linking), generated relevant content for client's blog and marketing SEO efforts by providing the most sought after content on the web. •Wrote dozens of pages/site for clients localized businesses. •Integrated 5-6 keywords per page in range of 3-5%. •SEO focus was on creating clever anchor text, meta tags, "alt" attribute for images, and content for snippets on Google Page Rankings. •Focused exclusively on communication aspects of good webpage building: persuasive copywriting, relevant content, readability, headlines, terminology and integrating geographical and actionable keywords for clients.

Integrating keywords
Clever Anchor Text
Webpage Building
Sales Executive

Joseph A. Bank

December 2010 - March 2012

• Sold over $220,000 in three different locations for fiscal year 2011 (part-time). • Served on average 20 customers per day, adding value by creating long term relationships. With a capture rate of 40% for direct advertising purposes (e-mail, mailers, fax). • Number one sales region in the country by % increase by exceeding sales goals, with a regionwide increase >10% (fiscal year 2011) increase in sales over previous year. • Received letter from C.O.O for fourth quarter Fiscal year 2011 for creating a lifetime customer.

Repeat Sales
Capturing Information
Customer Servie
Marketing Intern

EdventureMore Day Camp

October 2009 - February 2010

• Captured >200 leads/shift taken from marketing events in Salesforce and Thriva. • Conducted fact checking of 100+ clients information in MS Excel spreadsheets using Find and IF functions.

Spreadsheet Auditing
Data Integrity
Office Work
Office Manager

Royal Ambulance

July 2009 - December 2009

• Worked inhouse with Sales department with Christmas Tree Campaign 2009 to distribute trees to Nursing homes and build positive PR toward firm. • Segemented a portion of supply budget (~$1000/month) for sales team campaigns. Including a beverage meet and greet for nurses, customized office supplies, coffee tumblers, keychains. • Built long-term relationships with clients by combing over 900+ contacts in SalesForce to be reinputted into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and reordered most useful information for Marketing purposes. • Coordinated bi-monthly inter-office events and meetings with the marketing and operational departments. Including a Bone Marrow Drive which served as networking opportunity with for over 100+ attendees; 20+ current and potential accounts.

Budget Control
Cost Analysis
Sales Support

Cal - Wood Flooring and Supply

November 2007 - June 2009

• Oversaw showroom operations on a weekly basis. Served on average 20 walk ins per shift. • Used Intuit Quickbooks Pro to provide cashier services. Including the verification of hundreds of invoices and physical inventory each shift and validating check payments. • It was my job to correct things. As a result, I have a keen eye for errors and can be very scrupulous, sometimes to my detriment.

Invoice Auditing
Inventory Adjustments

Workplace personality


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