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A financial adviser and broker at First Allied Securities in Las Vegas, Neil Fineman creates solutions that empower customers to make their own wealth decisions. Neil Fineman has more than 20 years' experience in finance, managing products such as retirement plans and employee benefits. Mostly working in New York, he has directed large net-worth divisions, negotiated with insurance companies, and facilitated initial public offerings. Prior to First Allied Securities, Fineman served as a managing general agent of Regal Securities in Las Vegas, performing similar functions. He won awards as a top 10 producer of insurance for Prudential Securities for two years running, as well as for Brookstreet Securities. Overlapping with his time at Regal, Fineman was president of Executive Wealth Strategies. Using the concierge services concept, he originated benefits for workers who received 1099-D forms. This innovation attracted new talent to his client companies. In all instances, Neil Fineman educates his customers on the fine points of the financial services industry, encouraging them to focus on how much money they get to keep, as opposed to what they earn. He translates jargon into understandable concepts and strives to keep fees reasonable.


Emory University

bachelors , bachelors

May 1988 - May 1988


Financial Advisor

First Allied Securities

February 2014 - January 2015

Workplace personality


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