Nicholas Szamet

Los Angeles, 90012


Grants Specialist

City of Los Angeles , Los Angeles

August 2010 - January 2012

Under minimal direction, administer department of Homeland Security Grant Programs including UASI, RCPGP, SHSGP; acting liaison to inter-jurisdictional partners including LA Area Fusion Center, LA County Sheriff, LA Port, etc. Fiscal agent and administrator within City of Los Angeles and to all federal & state authorities; total active funds under stewardship of roughly 240 million.

 With independent judgment, act as agent of city to accomplish prioritized goals of the senior management and political officials. Maintenance of transparency to evidence impartial judgment and decision making. Intimate understanding of national policy in order to legitimize decisions and avoid obfuscation.
 Design and Production of budget tables presenting obligations, revenues, and cash flows. Creation of "template style" forms and tabular budgets for team use to ensure consistent reporting to senior management and officials. Development of graphical data visualizations for stakeholder review. Elimination and minimization of reporting error and inconsistency resulting in greater stakeholder transparency and accountability.
 Maintain project database in Microsoft Access with relational tables to increase productive use of project management tools. Preparation and data aggregation of agency outlay requests for next fiscal year application(s); production of SQL queries in the form of summaries, line items and cross tabulations by expenditure category, time-series, etc. Measurement of variance on project timelines and estimated versus actual costs.

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