Oleg Aronov

CEO and President of Stat Rx Pharmacy

Bronx, US


CEO and President





Over the course of his business career, Oleg Aronov has established himself as a dedicated entrepreneur and innovative business leader. He currently serves as the president and chief executive officer of Stat Rx Pharmacy, Inc., a full-service retail and specialty pharmacy and medical supply company whose clientele includes a broad range of private patients, clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. As the organizational leader of the company, Oleg Aronov plays a central role in all operations and assumes direct responsibility for financial performance and sales. Over the years, he has helped Stat Rx become known for clinical excellence in preparing managing patients with hepatitis, congestive heart failure, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, primary immune deficiency disorder (PIDD), and other illnesses. In addition to his work with Stat Rx, Oleg Aronov is the managing partner of MEDEX Diagnostic and Treatment Center, LLC. He established MEDEX as a diagnostic and treatment center under Article 28 of the New York Public Health Law and lead MEDEX to becoming a key health care player in the New York City market.



CEO and President

Stat Rx Specialty Pharmacy, Inc.

January 2007 - January 2015

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