Panca Perwira Tulus

Jakarta, Indonesia




Interpersonal Communication

Analytic Thinking

Problem Solving

Time Management


Angkasa Aviation Academy

Commercial Pilot , Pilot School

March 2013 - March 2015

Angkasa Aviation Academy

Diploma I , Pilot School

March 2013 - March 2015


First Officer

Lion Air , Jakarta, Indonesia

March 2015 - Present

  • Use instrumentation to guide flights when visibility is poor.
  • Work as part of a flight team with other crew members, especially during takeoffs and landings.
  • Contact control towers for takeoff clearances, arrival instructions, and other information, using radio equipment.
  • Monitor gauges, warning devices, and control panels to verify aircraft performance and to regulate engine speed.
  • Start engines, operate controls, and pilot airplanes to transport passengers, mail, or freight, adhering to flight plans, regulations, and procedures.
  • Monitor engine operation, fuel consumption, and functioning of aircraft systems during flights.
  • Coordinate flight activities with ground crews and air traffic control and inform crew members of flight and test procedures.
  • Choose routes, altitudes, and speeds that will provide the fastest, safest, and smoothest flights.
  • Make announcements regarding flights, using public address systems.
  • Record in log books information, such as flight times, distances flown, and fuel consumption.