Philippe Picard

Quebec City, L4B 4N1, Canada


Technical/Customer Support

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Digital Dentistry Specialist

Nobel Biocare , Quebec Province and Eastern Ontario

March 2014 - January 2015

Managing dental laboratory and dental clinic sales for digital dentistry (CAD-CAM) product line across the province of Quebec an Eastern Ontario. In charge of putting together seminars, group courses, and one-on-one training sessions for dental professionals. Supporting role for in-house CAD-CAM software and 3D scanner hardware. Representing the company at different trade events across North America. Populating and updating customer information in CRM (, creating monthly and quarterly reports. Putting together business development plans and objectives for growth.

Territory Management
Training and Education
Technical Support
3rd Level Technical Support

Nobel Biocare , Quebec City

March 2010 - March 2014

Technical support for individualized (CAD-CAM) digital dentistry products. Technical advisor and trainer on product features and design as well as supporting dental professionals on the use of our in-house dental software. Communicator and vulgarizer, relaying customer requests into CAD-CAM milling terms and/or software development terms. Feeding and curating in-house Wiki knowledge base. Providing feedback to software developers through bug tracking software (Atlassian JIRA). Reworked customer-facing literature and official paperwork. Consulted on the contents and translation of the in-house software technical literature.

Product Support
Software Support

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