Add a few awards to show employers what you're good at.

Awards Tips

You should include the following details about any award you list on your resume, unless it's well-known enough to the intended reader that it goes without saying:

  • Name of award
  • Year awarded
  • Who gave you the award: Add this information if it's not obvious from the award's name.
  • Purpose of the award/why the award is given out: Unless it's very well-known or self-explanatory from the name, state what the award signifies or recognizes.
  • The scope of the award: How big is the selection pool for the award? Were you chosen from your team, department, company, university, state, region, or even the entire country?
  • Why you won it: This is optional if it's obvious from any of the above, but even in this case you can share some context or color-like what specific customer satisfaction numbers made you the "Customer Service Rep of the Year" or how you contributed to your team winning "Best Digital Marketing Campaign of 2019."