Robin Good

Online publisher - Speaker

Rome, 00165, Italy


Writing - Curating - Illustrating

Presentation - Speaking

Information Design

Communication Strategy


New media explorer - Communication designer - Startup mentor


San Francisco State University

CEIA - Multimedia , CEIA - Multimedia

March 1982 - March 1982

MA Colonna

June 1976 - June 1976


Founder and Chief Guide

Robin Good University - POP Campus

March 2010 - November 2012

The POP Campus is an online learning laboratory dedicated to individuals and companies wanting to transform their key skills and passions into sustainable high-value web services, built around a community of fans.

Campus Direction
Video and Live Instruction
Publisher - Editor in Chief


September 1998 - November 2012

Founder - publisher of MasterNewMedia, an online independent magazine helping communication professionals learn how to master the skills and new technologies needed to communicate clearly and effectively. MasterNewMedia is published in four different languages (English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) and focuses on topics related to web publishing, new media technologies, design, learning and online collaboration.

Writing - Curating - Reviewing
Team Coordination


January 1988 - November 2012

Designed and coordinate multimedia publishing projects involving the production of guides, manual and information system across multiple media (print, CD-ROM, Web, events) and languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese). Trained international staff in the use of visual communication tools such as PowerPoint to present and communicate their ideas more effectively. Designed and coordinated production of advertising, branding and identity media campaigns for large companies and advertising agencies. Worked extensively for the communication, training and extension departments of many international organizations including FAO of the UN, World Bank Institute, IFAD, World Food Programme.

Program and Music Director

M100 Radio

March 1986 - December 1987

Relaunched M100 radio, a local FM station operating in the Rome area with a completely new "format" characterized by a urban-contemporary music selection juxtaposed to many news breaks. In one year time M100 radio went to become one to the top three stations in the market.

News Information Designer

RAI Radio Televisione Italiana - TG 2

January 1985 - January 1986

Review and analysis of all international TV news broadcast to create a new and improved approach to Information Design inside RAI TG2 news broadcasts.

Video Director - Producer

AVC Communications

January 1984 - January 1985

At AVC Communications, of which I was a founder, I operated as a television post-production director/producer for network TV opening titles, advertising clips and other video promotional clips. I specialized in planning and organizing the post-production and computer graphics ahead of time, optimizing resources and technologies to be utilized. I would select post-production studios and all logistics for both shooting and editing post-production work as well as prepare and design detailed storyboard and scripts for the technical personell involved in the production. Main clients have been Canale 5, Retequattro and Italia 1.

On-Air Promotion Producer

Videotime Spa - Canale 5

April 1982 - December 1983

Directed and produced on-air channel promotion clips, "station breaks" and "promosongs" for canale 5, Retequattro and Italia 1. Job responsibilities included footage research, logging, editing, copywriting, post-production, music editing and production, titling, computer graphics.

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