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Service Account Manager


April 2011 - October 2011

Service Delivery Coordinator

Sun Microsystems / Oracle

October 2008 - April 2011

Managing several medium size projects simultaneously in a role similar to project manager. Involved in differents projects as: CPD relocations, Data migration, Server and Storage installation, proactive management. Functions: - To manage all engineer team involved in the project - Economic control during progress project - Measure progress project - Technical knowledge project

SSE Services Consultant

Sun Microsystems

January 2008 - October 2008

- Performing Pre-Sales tasks of Preemptive Services in the CBU North East. - In charge of the management and control of the preemtive service delivery in North East - Identify and provide specific expertise in services or solution areas to meet customer need. - Best practices consultant to achieve more availability in Sun servers. - In charge of the technical relationship with big clients in CBU North East - Work closely with Account Managers and Service Managers. - Acting as Service Manager for some of the zone customers.

PSE - Preemptive Services Engineer

Sun Microsystems

June 2005 - January 2008

Mission: - Work with big customers to provide technical advice and guidance and recommend proactive changes to drive increased availability by: * Improving reliability * Improving maintainability * Reducing cost and complexity - Customer management, ensuring customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships. - Customers from Telco, Transportation and Public Sector industries

Strategic Support Engineer (SSE) on-site

Sun Microsystems - AUNA -ONO

August 2003 - June 2005

During these two years I have covered the functions of SSE on-site yielded by SUN to AUNA Telecomunicaciones. I was taking charge of the changes HW in SUN servers (over 200) and I was Solaris/HP/AIX administrator.

Strategic Support Engineer (SSE)

Sun Microsystems

October 2002 - August 2003

HW Support Engineer



August 2002 - October 2002

Programming in Natural/Adabas, DB2, PL1 and Cobol for central system of Gas Natural.

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