Scott Landman


Ecosystem development

Business development


Allegheny College

B.A., Psychology , B.A., Psychology

June 1987 - June 1987


Founder & Managing Partner

Arcus Advisors, LLC , Charlottesville, VA

June 2010 - January 2012

Arcus Advisors, LLC believes that each market goes though an s-curve of adoption and that the lessons learned along each point of the curve can be improved upon and delivered to new markets. Arcus was founded to provide cross-disciplinary best practices to clients competing in global networked marketplaces. A network of subject matter experts provide deliverables for stakeholders in policy, finance, real estate, construction, content, law enforcement, security, power, data centers, submarine cables, cell towers, network engineering and operations. Deliverables are unique to each project and range from market research, strategy, planning, engineering, operations and marketing. Clients benefit from the validation of new market opportunities and the industry know-how to build and operate data networks. The founders have over forty years of experience in the data communications and content markets and form the project management and intellectual core of the company.

Executive Management
Market Research
Sales & Business Development

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