Phil Brown





Associate Producer

Cumulus Media Partners – Dallas

April 2007 - October 2012

Coordinate audio elements with on-air show hosts & producer Compile research, stories, and statistics Assist on-air programs in maintaining flow and momentum Analyze daily commercial logs for errors Constantly monitor and adjust audio levels of radio broadcasts

ex: Management
ex: Gardening
ex: PHP
Board of Trustees Chairman

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity

January 2007 - December 2012

• Advise chapter to achieve excellence in recruitment, scholarship, leadership and service • Serve as liaison between Board of Trustees and the University of North Texas • Assist in planning chapter events • Schedule and coordinate meetings of the Board of Trustees • Plan and facilitate annual alumni event that has raised $2000 over three years • Organize officer mentor and career mentor programs

ex: Management
ex: Gardening
ex: PHP
Visual Sales Associate

The Container Store

August 2006 - May 2008

Provide excellent customer service Assist in visual aspect of retail store including product placement Assist in the development of new point-of-sale system

ex: Management
ex: Gardening
ex: PHP
Volunteer Leader

Young Life

August 2000 - December 2012

• Invest in the lives of high school students • Develop relationships with and provide guidance to young men

ex: Management
ex: Gardening
ex: PHP

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