Thomas Campbell

Computer expert with a passion for astronomy

Iola, 66749, USA




Visual BASIC


COMPUTERS: I started my career as a computer technician while working my way through college in the mid-1980s. Through the years, I have performed successfully in a variety of work environments, ranging from computer repair for both wholesale and retail outlets, helpdesk support, technical writing and documentation, team programming, software development, and code maintenance. In the 1990s, I created and maintained my own Bulletin Board System on my home computer. Other people could dial into my computer via modem, and play games or post messages for myself or other users. When the World Wide Web became popular, my interests turned in that direction, and I began designing my own webpages. My professional website designer background includes experience with higher education, retail businesses, churches, and various organizations. My varied background in the computer industry has cultivated several strengths, including problem-solving, troubleshooting, verbal and written communication skills, working well under pressure, and customer service. ASTRONOMY: As a kid, I remember being glued to my TV watching the lunar landings, and I've been interested in space and astronomy ever since. While at college, I took a few astronomy courses and joined a local astronomy club. In the late 1990s, I began recording descriptions of my celestial observations in what I called StarLogs and posted them to my astronomy website and to various email groups. To date, I have logged almost 500 different objects in the night sky. In March, 2000, my astronomy website was mentioned in "Astronomy" magazine for being a great resource. In 2003, I was asked to develop an astronomy course to help fill out the college's online degree program. With no previous teaching experience, I built the course from scratch, achieved accreditation for it, and successfully taught it for several years. This ability to quickly learn and thrive in unfamiliar environments is perhaps one of my greatest strengths.


University of Kansas

Computer Science , Computer Science

May 1989 - May 1989

Allen County Community College

Computer Science , Computer Science

May 1987 - May 1987

Gardner-Edgerton High School

May 1985 - May 1985


Online Astronomy Instructor

Allen Community College , Iola, KS

August 2003 - December 2009

★ Developed and taught an accredited online-only introductory astronomy course, complete with a lab and several projects, based on naked-eye and binocular observations. Some of these included how to determine the length of a year, determining the period of a variable star, using stellar parallax to determine distances to nearby stars, etc.

Computer Support Technician

Allen Community College , Iola, KS

August 2000 - November 2011

★ Developed and successfully taught a fully-accredited online astronomy course (see below) ★ Created software to track dormitory and housing contracts ★ Maintained and revamped college website. ★ Helped to automate enrollment by creating web-based forms and scripts ★ Administrated a Content Management System (Blackboard) for online courses ★ Installed, upgraded and repaired hundreds of PCs on three campuses ★ Administrated a campus-wide network with several servers

Computer Programmer

Jayhawk Software

March 1994 - July 2000

★ Developed client-specified customizations to a utility billing package ★ Created a Microsoft Windows version of the utility billing package on my own initiative, resulting in hundreds of upgrade sales ★ Performed phone-based technical support of utility billing package

Code Maintenance
Systems Administrator

Zafer Chiropractic

January 1993 - March 1994

★ Computerized the office by creating a records database and hand-entered all patients into the system for easier tracking. Also helped create an employee database to track hours worked and automate payroll.

Freelance Computer Technician


January 1990 - November 2011

★ Made house calls after my normal work hours to fix or repair computers for friends and people in the community who either couldn't afford to take their computers to a repair shop or else weren't satisfied with the results they received there.


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