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An extensively experienced leader in the technology and retail sectors, Timothy Kasbe serves as executive vice president and chief operating officer for Gloria Jeans Company in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Since joining Gloria Jeans, he has directed technology and information initiatives, brand strategy, and global expansion planning for the largest fashion retailer in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Timothy Kasbe works to identify means by which the company can optimize performance utilizing technological tools to both monitor critical points in supply chain networks and follow fashion industry trends in areas such as fabrics and pricing. In a prior role as chief information officer for Sears Holdings Limited, Mr. Kasbe headed the development of online and mobile technologies that facilitated the implementation of social media outreach and the Shop Your Way customer rewards program. As chief information officer for Reliance Industries Limited, Timothy Kasbe oversaw business technologies for a startup retailer that grew to over 950 stores throughout India within a year and a half. Along with his position at Gloria Jeans, Mr. Kasbe currently serves on the board of directors for Seriosity, Inc., a company that develops online games designed to increase employee engagement and productivity. As a distinguished visiting scholar for the Human Sciences and Technology lab at Stanford University, Timothy Kasbe also participates in studies on issues such as analytics and robust inconsistencies in big data.


Duke University


January 2000 - January 2000


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Tamr Inc.

January 2011 - January 2015

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