Troy Skillen

Account Director - BuzzNumbers

Bondi Junction, 2022, Australia


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I help businesses monitor the brave new world of Social Media... Are you in?


Junior Account Manager


June 2012 - July 2012

Responsible for collaborating with new and existing clients to assist them with turning social media into an intuitive research, reporting and engagement tool using BuzzNumbers' Australian-created social media monitoring and engagement software. I also coach clients on how to empower cross departmental teams to take decisive action and deliver social media ROI. Customer service and tech support makes up the remainder of my role.

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Social Media Consultant

Curran Digital

March 2012 - July 2012

• Provide ongoing advice and consultation on social media strategy and implementation. • Create and develop online presence from the ground up using platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. • Identify and reach target audience, develop and grow online community.

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Customer Service Representative


September 2011 - June 2012

• In late March 2012, was selected to join the first team in Sydney responsible solely for supporting Business Customers in all aspects (billing, technical support, signups & relocations). In the first month of this role an NPS score of 79.2% from 53 surveys was achieved. This role required a higher knowledge of complex products sold as well as the recognized ability to keep a customer in the loop around events such as faults. • First-line technical supports for clients – troubleshoot issues and escalate where necessary. • Maintained a reputation as a rep with a strong commitment to ongoing communication with clients to ensure they are satisfied customers. • Work autonomously and consistently make reasonable decisions with a justifiable basis that resolves the customers issue and also benefits the company.

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Application Analyst, iPad Interface

News Digital Media

October 2010 - September 2011

• Implement processes and procedures for support of all customers who purchase a News Digital Media iPad app through the support client Zendesk for the entire nation-wide database. • One of two analysts and support clients who handle all customer requests for all customers across all products. Worked solo on this project for a short period of time & had to self-manage to ensure all feedback was responded to and all issues resolved. • Answer all customer feedback either by email response via the support client or telephone. • Liase with internal departments to ensure customer feedback was escalated to relevant masthead or department (such as Editorial) if required. • Had to be across all current NDM product offerings, live versions of apps & content. • Respond to all customers inquires within a set SLA period and uphold a reasonable Customer Satisfaction statistic.

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