TUBA ÇATAK (CRM) Data Base Specialist

Adana, Turkey




team management


I graduated from Cukurova University , earning bachelor of science degree in statistics in May 2013. During my university term, I tried to participate as many as possible conferences and panels that provided me fundamental knowledge and skills. I was an honour student for one term. At the first year of university I began to attend a leather handcrafts course and many times we opened exhibitions with our unusual products by leather. Moreover, during my whole university education I joined AIESEC. (AIESEC is an international non-profit organization that provides students with leadership training and internship opportunities atfor-profit and non-profit organizations) .Thanks to AIESEC I organized some conferences with my team friends which have lots of participants at various cities of Turkey. At the third year of my university life I was qualified to go to the Universita Degli Studi di Perugia / ITALY with LLP ERASMUS with the contribution of my academic achievements and several exams which I managed to pass. Italy was my first international experience and by the support of Erasmus programme I could visit many European country and find to chance of recognizing lots of culture and people. This priceless experience was a big chance for me that expanded my vision and self confidience After returning from Italy , my previous achievements and qualifications paved the way for being intern in the largest research institutiton in Turkey whose name is TUIK (Turkey Statistics Agency). Now, I'm Data Base Specialist at Dupont Pioneer. My career goal is having a voice in the management of a global agency , and when I come this position I have to clearly outline the challenges and opportunities and to tailor my clients' global strategies to suit their capacities.

Experience Data Base Specialist

DuPont Pioneer , Adana, Turkey

June 2014 - April 2015

Reporting and Analyzing
Team management
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