Yogesh Pote

Mumbai, 400601, INDIA


Brilliant team-building skills

Good analytical bent of mind

Very high on result-orientation

Exceptional levels of open and transpa


To be a highly successful person, take up every challenge that comes my way and execute it with efficiency and patience, always emerging with flying colors, at whatever cost. Never let my employer and my conscience look down upon me. Develop extremely conducive team environments that will complement the success of the Company and in turn, perpetually foster open communications.


St. John Ambulance

Sr. First Aider , Sr. First Aider

December 2002 - December 2002

State University - Meghalaya

Commerce , Commerce

March 1999 - March 1999

St. John the Baptist.

March 1996 - March 1996


Head - Loss Prevention & Safety

Inorbit Malls - K Raheja Corp , Mumbai - INDIA

February 2010 - January 2012

Responsible for minimizing the financial losses of a retail operation related to theft, vandalism, accident and injury. Ability to develop ways to detect safety issues and security violations, and to put programs in place to prevent repeat occurrences. Communicate effectively and work cooperatively with store and law enforcement personnel. Work with discretion and professionalism, and maintain confidentiality at all times. Internal Focus: Internal focus includes cash handling theft, inventory control, facilities and equipment damage, security access violations, fraud, and a variety of audits of employee activities. External Focus: Shoplifting, vandalism, counterfeiting, robbery, burglary, and store safety are the primary areas of external focus.

Assistant Manager – Surveillance & Security

NCL - America , Miami - USA

August 2005 - December 2009

Administer security management system. Coordinate and assist ship and shore side personnel with investigation and investigative activity in all security matters as needed. Manage shore side pier and gangway security for security access control to NCL vessel. Supervise - Levels of access. Support vessel master regarding onboard security matters, including equipment, plans, intelligence and training. Assist Surveillance Manager to Liaison with local and federal law enforcement agencies such as local police departments, Customs and United States Coast Guard to ensure vessel and terminal operations comply with applicable regulations and policies and ensure that these agencies are knowledgeable regarding NCL security emergency planning. Share intelligence information i.e.; Threats, United States warden alerts, Narcotic and drug activity, etc. and evaluate threat assessments for all destinations and countries called by NCL vessels.

Fraud and Security
Assistant Manager – Safety Security

Hyatt International Hotels and Resorts , Goa & Mumbai - INDIA

November 2002 - July 2005

Joined the property since from the time of the pre opening stage of the projects and played an important role in setting up the Department in the absence of Security Manager. Since the time joined, self handled entire security operations for the property in absences of Security Manager, which is widely spread as much as 50 Acers of land. Have played a very important role in negotiating rates with the security agencies for the annual contracts done by the Hotel. Handled total body of 50 in nos, which includes Security Guards, Security Supervisors and Team leaders. Played a vital role in training the security staff for handling emergency situation like fire hazards and other accidents in the property. Conducted training for the security staff for how to be courteous with the Guest and also with the employee and the employer of the hotel. Formulating Policies and Procedures.

Surveillance Officer Executive

Renaissance Hotels & Resorts , Goa - INDIA

June 2000 - October 2002

Joined the company as pre opening member of the projects and played an important role in setting up the Department in the absence of Surveillance & Security Manager. Conducting strict surveillance (monitoring) for suspicious behavior, irregular or illegal activities or theft of the company property. Used to maintain accurate recording of all activities of entire vessel (Ship) in appropriate logs. To ensure all surveillance equipments is functioning correctly and to report any malfunctions to the Surveillance Manager. To safeguard all confidential information and to exercise due care to prevent its improper disclosure or use. To perform surveillance departments duties independently for all other departments for entire vessel (Ship). To ensure that the working place is safe to work at all times for the employee and the employer of the company. Having knowledge of operating close circuit television and fire alarm systems, metal and smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Team Leader – Sales

WWI Advertising & Sales Promotion Management Co. , Mumbai - INDIA

September 1999 - February 2000

Instrumental in conceptualizing and executing various entertainment and commercial events including product launches and brand-name promotion campaigns. In-charge of all free-lance coordinators during respective events. Headed a team of 21 in-house event coordinators. Done Advertisement and sales promotion activities for Mc. Donald’s Family Restaurant & Domino’s Pizza, Mumbai Zone to name few.


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